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Inequality and redistribution:

< DATA: Swedish National Wealth Database

< DATA: Top incomes in Sweden, 1903-2013
< DATA: Arbetsgivaravgifter i Sverige, 1960-2017 (Payroll taxes and social security contributions, 1960-2017).

“Inherited wealth over the path of development: Sweden, 1810–2016”, Journal of the European Economic Association (w. Henry Ohlsson, Jesper Roine).

< DATA: Main data in xlsx


“Global earnings inequality, 1970-2015”, CEPR DP (with Olle Hammar), 2017.

< DATA: Main data files in Stata and xlsx (zip)

“Does financial deregulation boost top incomes? Evidence from the Big Bang”, Economica, (with Julia Tanndal), 2017.

< DATA AND PROGRAM: Main data; Stata and Matlab files, Paper (zip)


“Trends and gradients in top tax elasticities: Cross-country evidence, 1900-2014”, International Tax and Public Finance, with Enrico Rubolino.

                      < DATA: Main dataset with tax rates, top income shares, control variables, 1900-2014 (zip containing dta and xls)

                      < PROGRAM: Stata do- and dta-files for replication (zip)


“Tax progressivity and top incomes: Evidence from tax reforms”, CEPR DP 11935, with Enrico Rubolino, 2017.

                      < DATA: Annual cross-country top income shares (zip containing dta and xls)

                      < PROGRAM: Stata do- and dta-files for replication (zip)


“Wealth inequality in Sweden: What can we learn from capitalized income tax data?”, Review of Income and Wealth, (with Jacob Lundberg), 2016.

< DATA: Wealth inequality in Sweden, 2000-2012 (xls).


“Capital shares and income inequality: Evidence from the long run”, WP, (with Erik Bengtsson), 2015.

< DATA: Bengtsson-Waldenström Capital Share Database, 1850–2012 (xls).

Appendix to Bengtsson-Waldenström Capital Share Database (PDF).


“Wealth-income ratios in a small, developing economy: Sweden, 1810–2010”, Journal of Economic History, 2017.

< PROGRAM: Stata dataset and codes for generating figures

< DATA: Data underlying tables in article (xls).


“Piketty’s r-g model: wealth inequality and tax policy”, CESIfo Forum, No. 1: 310, (with Clemens Fuest, Andreas Peichl), 2015.

< DATA AND PROGRAM: Long-run wealth inequality data; Stata do + dta-files (zip)


“Intergenerational top income mobility in Sweden: Capitalist dynasties in the land of equal opportunity?”, Journal of Public Economics, (with Anders Björklund and Jesper Roine), 2012.

< PROGRAM: Stata codes for generating dataset, descriptives and all results and a readme.txt (zip)


“Common Trends and Shocks to Top Incomes: A Structural Breaks Approach”, Review of Economics and Statistics, (with Jesper Roine), 2012.

< DATA AND PROGRAM: Annual cross-country top income shares; GAUSS programs (zip)


“The Long-Run Determinants of Inequality: What Can We Learn from Top Income Data?”, Journal of Public Economics 93(7–8), 974–988, (with J Roine and J Vlachos), 2009.

                      < DATA: Annual cross-country top income shares (xls)

                      < PROGRAM: Stata do- and dta-files for replication


“The Evolution of Top Incomes in an Egalitarian Society: Sweden, 1903–2004”, Journal of Public Economics 92(1–2), 366–387, (with J Roine), 2008.

                      < DATA: Swedish top income shares 1903-2010 (xls)


“Long-Run Changes in the Concentration of Wealth: An Overview of Recent Findings”, in Davies, J.B. (ed.), Personal Wealth from a Global Perspective, Oxford, Oxford University Press, (with H Ohlsson and J Roine), 2008.

                      < DATA: Wealth data for P99-100 and P95-99 (zip)

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Financial history, finance and growth:

“Swedish stock and bond returns, 1856–2012”, in: R Edvinsson, T Jacobson and D Waldenström (eds.), Historical Monetary and Financial Statistics for Sweden, vol. 2: House Prices, Stock Returns, National Accounts and the Riksbank balance Sheet, 1860-2012, Stockholm: Sveriges Riksbank and Ekerlids förlag.
                      < DATA: Stock and bond returns 1901-2015 (xls)
                      < DATA: Appendix to Stock and bond returns 1901-2015 (xls)
                      < DATA: Bond yields 1856-2015 (xls)
                      < DATA: Appendix to Bond yields 1856-2015 (xls)


Historical Monetary and Financial Statistics for Sweden, vol. 1, Exchange rates, prices, and wages, 1277–2008, Sveriges Riksbank and Ekerlids förlag, editor, (with R Edvinsson and T Jacobson), 2010.

                      < WEBPAGE WITH FULL BOOK AND DATA          

                      < HEMSIDA MED HELA BOKEN OCH DATA          


“Did Nordic Countries Recognize the Gathering Storm of World War II? Evidence from Bond Markets”, Explorations in Economic History 45(2), 107–126, (with B S Frey), 2008.

                      < DATA AND PROGRAM: Weekly and monthly bond yields 1938-1940 and GAUSS programs (zip)


“Using Financial Markets to Analyze History: The Case of the Second World War”, Historical Social Research 32(4), 330–350, (with B S Frey), 2007.

                      < DATA: Monthly and weekly bond yields and prices 1933-1948 (xls)


“International Financial Liberalization and Industry Growth”, International Journal of Finance & Economics 10(3), 263–284, (with J Vlachos), 2005.

                      < DATA: Cross-country dataset on liberalization, finance and growth (xls)


“Markets Work in War: World War II Reflected on the Zurich and Stockholm stock Exchanges”, Financial History Review 11(1), 51–67, (with B S Frey), 2004.

                      < DATA: Monthly bond prices 1933-1948 (xls)

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“Citation Success: Evidence from Economic History Journal Publications”, Explorations in Economic History, (w G Di Vaio and J Weisdorf).

< DATA AND PROGRAM: Author publications, citations and program code, in Stata format (zip)

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Swedish publications (Svenska publiceringar)

Ekonomistas: Skattning av svenskarnas gömda utlandskapital 1980-2014 (xls). (2015-02-16)


“Vart tog det gömda utlandskapitalet vägen?”, Ekonomisk Debatt 39(3), 81–84, 2011.

< DATA: Oförklarat sparande i Sverige, 19802010 (xls) (uppdaterad)

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